How to fit Kindagard

Installation Essentials

Fitting Kindagard

Clean the door and the door frame thoroughly. It is essential that surfaces are clean and free of silicone or polish.

Fitting Kindagard

The channel, flexible cover and gap cover all have self adhesive strip on faces which attach to the door and door frame.

Fitting Kindagard

Before fitting you must remove the pink cover from the adhesive strip. When securing ensure adhesive is firmly pressed into place.

Installation Instructions

To fit the Kindagard® Door Hinge Safety System just follow the simple instructions below. For high pedestrian traffic areas, securing the product using panel pins or self tapping screws could be an advantage. Offer the Kindagard flexible gap cover to the door to check the length. If you need to shorten the Kindagard system heavy duty scissors are recommended.

Gap Cover Installation

How to fit step 1

Clean the door and door frame thoroughly

How to fit step 2

With door shut, secure channel into the corner of the door

How to fit step 3

Secure flexible cover to door frame using edge of channel as a guide for positioning

How to fit step 4

Open door. Line up foot on flexible cover to channel

How to fit step 5

Locate and snap foot into channel on door

How to fit step 6

Close door

Hinge Cover Installation

How to fit step 1

Secure ‘L’ shaped end to door butting up to the back of the hinge

How to fit step 2

Roll cover over the hinge and secure the ‘T’ foot to the door frame.

To download a PDF of these instructions and a technical datasheet please click here